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Separating? Get advice on your options from caring Family Law solicitors

Whether you are thinking about separating, or have already separated from your partner or spouse, it’s important to get legal advice. Knowing what your options are at the outset gives you the best chance of resolving the matter in a way that meets your emotional and financial needs.

The process of separation is for most people one of the most emotionally charged and challenging times in their life. Regardless of whether you are married or defacto, separation often leads to questions about finances, living arrangements and if there are children involved, how to best provide for their needs. There are a variety of methods of resolving your issues, many of which do not involve going to Court. Before you start talking about the terms of your separation with your ex, we encourage you to get advice about your options, which may include the following:

  • parenting arrangements
  • property adjustment and property settlement
  • spousal maintenance
  • child support
  • divorce.

At McManus & Co Lawyers, we strongly believe that negotiating a settlement with your ex is in most matters the best path to finalising your legal issues. Rushing to court is costly, exhausting and ultimately the outcome is very much out of your control. It frequently leads to a total breakdown of communication between ex partners, which if there are children involved, can make life not only very difficult for you but, more importantly, very difficult for your children.

See the links below for general information about separation and the issues involved. Everyone’s situation is different and it is important that you get prompt advice from family law solicitors on how the law applies to your own individual circumstances as soon as possible.

Our divorce lawyers in Melbourne can help you with the legal side of divorce or separation and take some of the pressure off you so you can concentrate on moving on. Skype our family lawyers at a time that suits you.

Experienced Divorce Lawyers for Fair and Equitable Property Settlement post separation

The property pool belonging to you and your ex-spouse/partner for the purpose of property division is not just limited to real estate owned. Superannuation, inheritances and income derived after separation may all be up for division. Make sure you have the right information by speaking with our divorce lawyers in Melbourne before you agree on a property settlement with your ex.

Our family lawyers in Melbourne can support you in resolving your property dispute. We believe that reaching an agreement with your ex and applying for consent orders is not only often more cost efficient, but almost certainly less stressful and painful than going to court. By engaging our skilled lawyers  to deal with your matters of family law in Melbourne, we will make sure that all reasonable attempts to reach agreement have been exhausted before you need to take matters further.

Reach agreement and stay out of court with our family lawyers

If you have children, we can help you to reach an agreement with your ex that is best for the children and works for you. Contact McManus & Co Lawyers for advice before you settle any agreement about the children, as agreements made earlier on can affect parenting arrangements in the long term.

Children are often the worst effected by a relationship breakdown and unfortunately, with the stress of separation, their needs are frequently overlooked. Studies show that it is the conflict children are subject to, not the separation itself that harms children. We encourage parents to come to agreement between themselves through a process called ‘Family Dispute Resolution’ a type of mediation, or through lawyer assisted negotiations if mediation is not possible. The law is quite complex and detailed with regard to parenting arrangements, and rushing to court without first getting advice can see parents (and their children) unnecessarily entangled in the court process for years.

Gabrielle McManus has extensive experience in family law matters and is also a collaborative practitioner. McManus & Co has a reputation for providing trusted, caring and considered family law advice. We receive the majority of our work through referrals from satisfied clients which we believe speaks for the quality of our service. Let McManus & Co Lawyers assist you to obtain the best outcome for you and your family.

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