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Get Experienced Guidance in Conveyancing Melbourne – wide with McManus & Co Lawyers

Buying property is a big investment, so why would you risk it by not having proper legal advice? McManus Conveyancing is operated by McManus & Co Lawyers and provides conveyancing services supervised by experienced lawyers in Melbourne at a fixed fee. That means if any legal issues arise in the course of the transfer of land, there are lawyers at your service to resolve any problems. Also, you can be assured the contract and settlement of land has been prepared or reviewed thoroughly so there are no nasty surprises. By comparison, if you choose to use conveyancers and legal issues arise (all too common), you will be referred to lawyers, incurring extra cost and time.

Engaging McManus Conveyancing gives you  the security of knowing your transfer of land is being handled by the best. McManus Conveyancing Maribyrnong can assist you wherever you are located, as long as the property is located in Victoria. Most of our clients prefer email communication however we are more than happy to meet with you in person at our offices in Maribyrnong. Our costs are comparable to the best conveyancing services. Email us with your contract or contact us with any queries– we are friendly, attentive and efficient and happy to answer your questions.

Buy & Sell Land Confidently with Quality Conveyancing Services in Melbourne

As part of our service package, we offer to look over your contracts prior to signing and within the cooling off period so as to flag any issues with the land/contract before it’s too late.

Our trusted and experienced staff will provide you with one-to-one personal service to ensure your questions are answered each step of the way. At McManus Conveyancing, we pride ourselves on providing cost-effective and efficient conveyancing services to our clients.

For Seamless Settlement of Your Transfer of Land, Call Us Today

In addition to conveyancing/standard buying and selling of property, McManus Conveyancing can assist you with the following property dealings:

  • Transfer of land for consideration, including between related parties (e.g. family members) and for ‘love and affection’
  • Purchase of ‘off the plan’ properties
  • Changing the manner of holding of your property (e.g. from joint proprietors to tenants in common)
  • Subdivisions by developers
  • Plan of subdivisions.

With McManus Conveyancing, you can be assured your property and all related paperwork and processes will be taken care of in the best possible manner.