Conveyancing Pitfalls

Posted 23/01/2016 by McManus Lawyers

Conveyancing is the process of transferring ownership of real property from one party to another It sounds simple but as a legal process it involves many steps that are intended to ensure that before the title is transferred into the purchaser's name both parties have an opportunity to check that what they've signed up for is what they'll get Conveyancing [...]


Coming to a property settlement after separation

Posted 09/06/2014 by McManus Lawyers

Separation can be upsetting for all involved, particularly when property interests need adjusting. However with the right advice and assistance, the stress of dividing the assets and liabilities of the relationship can be minimised, as can the costs. At McManus & Co Lawyers, we understand the sensitivities and stress that arise from separation. We also know the emotional and financial costs of litigation.