Coming to a property settlement after separation

Posted 09/06/2014 by McManus Lawyers

Separation can be upsetting for all involved, particularly when property interests need adjusting. However with the right advice and assistance, the stress of dividing the assets and liabilities of the relationship can be minimised, as can the costs.

If you and your ex partner or spouse agree about a property settlement, you’re probably off to a good start. However, even if you are both on the same page about who should get what, it’s recommended you get legal advice so that you can be confident that you have not struck a raw deal and that the deal can be enforced, even if your relationship subsequently turns sour.

For obvious reasons, most people find it difficult to reach agreement after separation, exacerbating the resultant stress and emotional drain. Many resist seeing a lawyer, assuming that it will land them at the Court’s door and all the more financially worse off for it. However, by seeing a family lawyer soon after separation, you can get clarity on your rights and your options, together with the likely costs, in turn leading to a sense of empowerment in circumstances many feel are no longer within their control.

At McManus & Co Lawyers, we understand the sensitivities and stress that arise from separation. We also know the emotional and financial costs of litigation. That’s why we endeavour to achieve the best outcome for you by way of negotiation whenever possible. If an agreement is reached, we will seek Consent Orders from the Court in the terms agreed, without the need for you to go to Court. These can then be legally enforced if your ex partner or spouse doesn’t keep their end of the deal. We endeavour to make legal assistance affordable and keep our fees competitive and transparent. We will give you an estimate of our legal costs before we start.

If you have children and need assistance coming to a parenting arrangement, we can assist you to come to an agreement as well. By engaging us to deal with your family law matter, we will look after your interests so that you can look to the future.

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