Untying the knot. Trusted support during your divorce.

In an ideal world, all divorces would be straightforward. Yet they can get messy. What if you can’t find your ex-partner? What if they won’t agree on a date for the separation? Or they simply won’t sign something?

Even when your ex agrees to the divorce, problems can pop up. Having an experienced lawyer by your side will make the task that little bit easier.

Our divorce lawyers in Melbourne can help with: 

  • Preparing a divorce application

  • Filing the application in court

  • Serving an application on your ex-partner

  • Appearing on your behalf in court, if needed

Beyond the divorce itself, we can also provide advice about the division of property, so there are no surprises about the financial side of things. And we’re here to guide you through the difficult process of sorting out parenting arrangements (previously known as custody arrangements) for children.


Next steps...

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What our clients say

"I was very well supported and given the best service and advice I could ask for. The team went over and above to help me with my matter. I will use McManus & Co Lawyers for all my legal needs – they are by far the best in the business. I can’t thank the team and Kerry enough."

- Chris