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One of the hardest parts of any separation or divorce is working out what will happen to the children. There’s no easy answer.

Your children’s welfare is understandably your number one priority, and it’s ours too. Studies show that conflict –not the separation or divorce itself – is most harmful to kids. We keep your children’s current and future happiness firmly in focus; we work hard to preserve goodwill between you and your ex, while helping you achieve the best outcome for the kids.

To help us do the best possible job for your children and you, we stay abreast of the latest research about child psychology and how to minimise the effects of separation.

Our caring and compassionate family lawyers have helped countless families come to agreement over parenting (previously known as child custody) arrangements. Wherever possible, we reach these agreements out of court. Of course, if reaching agreement is not possible and we need to take your matter to court, we’ll fight hard to achieve the outcome you consider best promotes your children’s wellbeing. 

If you and your ex have reached agreement between yourselves, that’s great. If you need help formalising the agreement, or perhaps just want some independent advice about the agreement, please get in touch.

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Get started making parenting arrangements by entering your details into our online system. Doing this will ensure we know all about your circumstances when we meet, making the best of our time together. Have more questions? Just send us a message.

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"I was very nervous about seeing a solicitor and discussing my family law matter – I was worried about who I could trust with my personal matters, as well as the cost. Beate and Gabrielle McManus calmed my fears. After discussing my matter of concern, they provided me with a fixed fee, which l was allowed to pay in instalments. That in itself allowed me to be in control as l was initially so fearful of the end account. At that point l was fearful of everything, but with their support and reassurance, l knew I was in good, safe, professional hands. As my matter was being dealt with, Gabrielle was always friendly and caring – explaining terms I didn’t understand and keeping me updated with progress. I really felt that she was there for me. I would highly recommend McManus & Co Lawyers for family law assistance."

- Anna