Buying a property? We’ll help you get the keys.

When you’re buying something as big as property, you need the right team by your side. McManus Conveyancing provides buyers with full support on the path to settlement.

 From the moment your offer is accepted to the moment you receive the keys to your new home, we’re in your corner.

Our conveyancing lawyers take care of all the complex administrative and financial tasks that need to be ticked off along the way. What’s more, we spot any potential problems before they become big issues, ensuring your path to home ownership is as smooth as possible.

Why use a solicitor when buying a house? 

With a solicitor or conveyancing lawyer by your side, you can rest easy knowing that all aspects of the transfer are taken care of.  

For a fixed fee of $880 plus disbursements, McManus Conveyancing will:

  • Thoroughly review your contract prior to signing (or within the cooling off period) and flag any issues before it’s too late

  • Perform searches on the property to make sure the contract is correct and there aren’t any undisclosed nasty surprises (such as a freeway proposal next door, an order for removal of an illegal structure on the land, or a lurking and expensive Owners’ Corporation levy)

  • Calculate the adjustment of rates and taxes

  • Liaise with your broker/bank to make sure you’ve got the funds ready to settle

  • Set you up with Duties Online so you can complete all the necessary info required for the State Revenue Office

  • Advise the council and water authority of change of ownership

  • Liaise with the real estate agent to get you those keys!

We keep you in the loop at every step. And, of course, you’re welcome to contact us at any time with questions – after all, it’s a big purchase.


Next steps...

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What our clients say

McManus & Co Lawyers were a pleasure to deal with. They were professional, thorough and organised while also friendly and helpful. I was very pleased with the high level of service provided and would happily engage their services again."

- Rob