We make the task of estate planning simple and straightforward.

Is the task of writing a will in the too-hard basket? You’re not alone. It’s pretty scary to think about your will and who should look after your affairs if you lost the capacity to.

Yet making a will and appointing enduring powers of attorney is an important step to take in life. These legal documents give you and your loved ones the peace of mind that your wishes will be met. Without a will, your estate would be distributed according to a statutory formula. It can get messy and upset those left behind.

With this in mind, it’s also important to try and encourage older relatives who have not yet written a will or appointed enduring powers of attorney to get their affairs in order.

Making a will

It’s in your family’s best interests to engage a lawyer when writing a will. Why? An experienced will lawyer can help you navigate this complex area of the law. A carefully prepared will is a binding document which can help minimise family conflict following your death.

When writing a will, here’s why you should choose a will lawyer over a will kit (or, worse, nothing at all):

  • Value for money
    For a fixed fee of just $350, McManus & Co Lawyers will help you write a will that minimises headaches and heartache down the track. Ask us about packages for pensioners and those making enduring powers of attorney too.

  • Wills are complex
    On paper, most wills look pretty simple. Yet there’s a lot that goes on behind-the-scenes to get to that point. A simple will made without expert advice is often easily challenged and expensive to fix. We guide you through the tough questions about who gets what, and advise you to think you about things that you might not have considered.

  • We’ll get it done
    Let’s face it, you might never get around to writing your own will. It’s not easy to think about who should look after your kids if the worst happened to you or your partner. We’ll help you tackle the difficult decisions and get the all-important document done and dusted.

Enduring powers of attorney

To make sure that a person you know and trust is there for you when you need them most, you need to make an enduring power of attorney and an appointment of medical treatment decision maker.

With the right documents in place, these people can step in and make the big decisions on your behalf when you can’t. Without them, if you become too ill to make your own decisions, VCAT decides who will look after your financial and personal affairs – which can be a messy, costly process.

In Victoria, an attorney appointed under an enduring power of attorney can do things like:

  • Enter into contracts

  • Withdraw from your bank account

  • Open and close utility accounts

  • Manage your tax

  • And more

A medical treatment decision maker can make medical treatment decisions for you when you cannot.  

McManus & Co Lawyers will help you draw up the documents appointing someone you trust. Our rigorous approach ensures that the documents are drawn and executed correctly – giving you and your loved ones peace of mind.


Next steps...

Get started making your will or an enduring power of attorney by entering your details into our online system. Doing this will ensure we know all about your circumstances when we meet, making the best of our time together. Have more questions? Just send us a message.

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