Selling a property? From ‘sold’ to settlement, we’ve got you covered.

 What’s the first priority when selling a house or other property? Price, right? To get there, you hire a great agent who markets your property brilliantly.

Don’t stop there. Once you’ve sold, you need a solid contract in place to protect that price – and your interests. Without one, all that hard work could come undone and the price you negotiated could easily fall through.

Why use a solicitor when selling a house or property? 

With good legal representation behind you, know that your rights are being looked after as a seller. For a fixed fee of $880 plus disbursements, McManus Conveyancing will:

  • Prepare a contract with special conditions that cover situations where you lose out because the purchaser doesn’t settle on time

  • Prepare a Section 32 Vendor’s Statement, making sure that you disclose everything that you’re legally required to about the property so there is no risk of a purchaser validly pulling out

  • Liaise with the purchaser and agent to have the deposit released early to you

  • Liaise with the bank to ensure any mortgage is discharged at settlement

  • Pursue any penalty interest for delays in settlement by the purchaser

We stay in touch throughout the sale, and we’re always here to answer your questions.


Next steps...

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What our clients say

"I can highly recommend McManus & Co Lawyers. I live interstate and it is a pleasure to work with a very profession team who make it easy and simple. Maria always keeps me informed and is quick to respond. All matters have been dealt with professionally and promptly"

- Kim