You don’t have to go it alone as executor or administrator of an estate.

If you have been appointed the executor of an estate or you would like to administrate a loved one’s estate, we’re here to help.

During this difficult time – when emotions can run high and there’s the potential for family conflict – McManus & Co Lawyers has your back. Our supportive team makes the process as simple and stress-free as possible for you.

Sometimes, estates are straightforward – you simply need a lawyer to get probate and then you can administer the estate yourself. Yet, often, things can become complex. When property and other valuable assets are involved – not to mention beneficiaries who may challenge the will itself – it really does pay to have an experienced probate lawyer by your side.

As a first step, if you are appointed executor in a will, we can help you obtain a grant of probate from the Supreme Court. If there is no will or the will isn’t valid, and you want to administer the estate, we can help you apply for a grant of letters of administration.

Once either the grant of probate or grant of letters of administration has been obtained, we can help with as much or as little as you need, including:

  • Arranging for the clean-out and sale of properties

  • Transferring assets into the estate

  • Paying debts

  • Liaising with accountants

  • Distributing the estate to beneficiaries

German inheritances and pensions

Gabrielle and Beate McManus are fluent German speakers and are well-versed in dealing with complex German-Australian estate matters. As a notary public, Beate has inter-jurisdictional experience and can provide advice and assistance on matters of German inheritances and pensions. Both Gabrielle and Beate are members of the German Australian Pacific Lawyers Association, too.

International inheritances

As a notary public, Beate can help you deal with matters of international inheritance. She can assist in taking oaths, and signing and witnessing documents for use in Australia and overseas.


Next steps...

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What our clients say

"I cannot recommend McManus & Co Lawyers highly enough. I have dealt with Beate and Gabrielle McManus and Maria Tomlinson at various times and found them all to be highly professional, efficient and reliable. They showed me great compassion and understanding while dealing with the settlement of my ‘Deceased Estate’ work. The time, effort and friendly communication put into each of my appointments made me feel more like a family member than a client. I will use McManus & Co Lawyers for anything else I ever need to do."

- Catherine